Some Useful LaTeX Table of Contents Hacks


Adding unnumbered part to the ToC

Sometimes, it is desirable to add section headings to a modular ToC. There are packages that help in customizing the ToC and even in creating multiple ToCs, but I have always found it useful to simply insert an unnumbered part into the ToC using,

\addtocontents{toc}{\protect\contentsline{part}{\protect\numberline{}Part Title}{}}

Reducing space between entries

Closing up space between entries in the table of contents when using the memoir class,

\renewcommand\cftbeforechapterskip{0pt plus 1pt}

replace chapter with section, subsection etc. as necessary.

Changing the heading font

To change the heading of the table of contents (in this example, flushright the heading),

\renewcommand\contentsname{\hfill\LARGE Contents}

Change the font of chapter entries

To change the properties of the chapter entries in the table of contents,


Section entries can be changed with \cftsectionfont etc.

To change the font for the page numbers, 


Remove dotted fill from ToC entries

The dotted leaders can be removed from table of contents entries with,


Prevent hyphenation for longer ToC entries

Sometimes longer entries in the table of contents are hyphenated. I don’t see this as a major issue, but some prefer to prevent it. Use the following to prevent it,


Remove bold font from ToC entries using memoir class

Memoir has useful features to change the appearance of the text in the ToC:


Remove leading numbers from ToC entries using memoir class

To remove the leftmost chapter number digits from ToC entries:


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