R language

Installing and updating packages in R

February 19, 2020 Out of Work Poet 0

Single package installation can be performed with install.packages(“package_name”) For example, install.packages(“caret”) Usually, R will install package dependencies. For some larger packages with a long chain of dependencies, such as the caret package, install.packages(“caret”, dependencies=c(“Depends”, “Suggests”)) […]

Pandoc notes

Some useful Pandoc notes

October 17, 2018 Out of Work Poet 0

Extracting images from a Word file Pandoc is a great Swiss-army-knife type tool and indispensable if you convert between various document types often. I use it frequently as a first line to take care of […]


Newline in a LaTeX tabular cell

January 15, 2018 Out of Work Poet 0

There are several ways to accomplish line breaks withing LaTeX table cells, but I wanted to mention a package that offers the ability to format individual table cells and thus give an easy mechanism for […]